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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Following the Saints

When we read books on the Saints we find their lives both inspiring and motivating. Sometimes we get discouraged because we are unable to accomplish what they have, and we allow ourselves to become discouraged by this. To become a saint we need to know that there is an easy way for us to achieve this. God has called each one of us to a special call in life. Regardless of the state of life in which we exist, we can become saints of our own accord. We need to apply this simple rule. Live your life in the manner of the saints but to your degree of vocation. We do not need to throw ourselves into a bush of thorns, although some of us could use this means of mortification for sure. We can perform another form of self abandonment by which is obtainable by the average person. Our focus is Christ, His loving mercy and compassion for us. He forgave us our sins and continues to do so. We just can't find ourselves getting caught up in egoism and pride, which we tend to do, by using His mercy as an "escape goat". Still be tough on yourself for His sake. He suffered for us and the least we can do is suffer our own "trifle pangs" in comparison.
Enjoy the saints and their love for God and your willingness to be as they were. Love God and follow your path that He has set especially for you. Read the Lives of the Saints.


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