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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thanksgiving after Mass

I think it is extremely important to say a lengthy thanksgiving after Mass. God gave you Himself just minutes before, and many leave the church and run to do What?? Is there anything so important that it can not wait at least fifteen minutes or so. I don't really think so. If you receive a gift, are we not thankful for it? He is the most precious gift of all. You can't send Him a "Thank You" card in the mail. You need to tell Him how grateful you are, especially because we are so unworthy of such a special gift. We need to give Him our time. Put yourself in "His Shoes" (although we can't ever do this) . Have you ever given someone the most special gift you could ever select for a person and find out that they never appreciated it? Or never "thanked you", for it? How did you feel? How can we let Our Savior see us just run out the door after giving His Life for us? In early times, some Saints such as St. Philip Neri sent altar boys with candles out after the people for not saying a "thanksgiving" for the gift we receive.( I think the saints go marching in.... and out as well....as the old saying goes) If we did this now, we would probably be arrested for harrasment. Some do need to be gently lead to understand this, and maybe they are just unaware of this important fact, to say "Thank God"..... for You. So please say an ample thanksgiving after the Mass. You see, I have friends that are "Evil Traditionalist's" and You never know what they may do?? I don't think they have candles in mind either!


At 11:26 AM, Blogger G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

Right. There is the discipline, which no one ever said had to be used on the one wielding it, not to mention burning at the stake, and some really thorough cursings and forms of excommunication.


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