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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lent One week away

With the beginning of Lent, most Catholics start to prepare themselves spiritually. In pondering about what I intend to do, I have decided to decrease my blogging and increase my prayer life especially during the time of Lent. I need to give Jesus more of myself during this time. It is important to always increase our relationship with Him. I won't be able to give Him more of myself if I am on this computer frequently. I am working on Temperence in many areas of my life and so this is important to "blog" and "surf" less often. I enjoy reading other peoples sites and I have learned a great deal about things I had never known. I have considered the internet "my friend" in my usuage. I have basically learned so much from the "tool" of this generation, and intend to use it to benefit myself and others spiritually. We must be very careful in the amount of time we spend in our blogging and make our lives a source of "simpleness". This can be learned from some of our greatest saints, St Therese and St Francis of Assisi just to name a few. Prayer should be our main focus not just during Lent, but always and utmost above all other interests. We should not keep our focus on ourselves, but on Our Savior. Doing otherwise is just vanity and we must be careful not to put our needs first. I will be praying for all my readers and all my "fellow bloggers" out there especially during this season of Lent. I want to remember His sacrifice for me and all sinners. I hope all that you do during this time is successful. Each individual should obtain a closer union with God. God Bless and rejoice in what God has given to us.


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