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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Divine Love Story


I wanted to share a "love story", a Divine Love Story, that I thought would be appropriate on a day that most consider the ones we love. This is a true story of the Divine Love and how Jesus works through the Holy Ghost to perform lifes little miracles.

I was speaking with a friend
of mine just recently, when she told me about a phone call she received and wanted to share this story with me.

Lynn's story:

About 1 year ago Lynn was demonstrating outside an Abortion Clinic . All of the demonstrators had left except a friend of hers and herself. Lynn noticed a couple trying to find the way to get into the clinic. She saw them go by the main entrance and they were unable to get in. She watched for them and saw they were heading in her direction towards the rear entrance. The couple walked by them and Lynn handed them some flyers about The St. Gerard's Center, a pro-life foundation in Hartford, Ct. Lynn and the young girl had exchanged a look, and it was for both women a look they will never forget. The couple went past them and Lynn nor her friend would say where the entrance was. Lynn noticed that something was different about this girl. In her past experiences demonstrating, she knew that she just might be able to reach her. As the couple was heading back in their direction Lynn approached her. She said, "You really don't want to do this, do you"? Just then the girl started to cry. Lynn comforted her and reassured her that people cared and that she would do anything to help, even if it was adoption. Lynn also showed them pictures of what the baby would look like at this stage of her pregnancy and what the actual abortion would look like as well. She also told them that this would end their relationship. Lynn asked the young man if he loved this girl. He said "Yes, very much". Lynn asked the girl why she was considering doing this. She said she thought she would loose her boyfriend. The whole time the young man was listening and soaking in their conversation.She asked the couple if they were Catholic and they were. She explained to them that this would be a mortal sin. Lynn's friend interrupted and asked if they would please say a "Hail Mary" with them. All the time Lynn's friend had been silent. He was praying in the background for a good outcome. After this something very special happened. Lynn tried to explain to me over and over again of what it reminded her of. All she could say was this reminded me of a "love story". He grabbed her and held her tight and he said "Let's go home, we don't have to do this". Lynn had given her her phone number in case she needed her. The couple left.

Well Lynn heard back from her alright, to tell her she had a beautiful baby girl now 3 months old. She wanted to share this with Lynn and send her pictures of Isabel (the beautiful little miracle).

Anna's story:

Anna and Rich were juniors in college when the unexpected happened to change their lives forever. Anna found out she was pregnant. Rich and Anna had not planned on this and both of them felt they needed an escape. They were young and were not ready for a baby. They wanted to finish college. They thought that the only alternative was to have an abortion. Although this was against what Anna's conscience and upbringing was telling her. She made several appointments with abortion clinics in her hometown area of New Jersey. Everytime she would show up at a clinic the protesters would be there, and Anna could not face them. She said she felt afraid of being put in the position of dealing with the protesters.
Finally they made an appointment in Hartford. When they arrived at the clinic the protesters were outside this clinic as well, and again Anna could not get out of the car. Rich and Anna argued over what to do in the car for about an hour. Finally, they drove around and came back. There was no one out front of the clinic at this time. The decided to park the car and get out. At first they went to the front door and knocked and no one answered. They figured they went to the wrong door, and went around to the back. As they came around the corner they spotted Lynn with another protester. Anna looked right into Lynn's eyes and knew instantaneously that Lynn was here for a reason and felt a strong presence of what, she didn't know. She said things were so emotional at the time it was hard to remember very much but knew that Lynn was there and she didn't want to look at her. All she wanted was to brush by them, and go in and "get this over with", and "never think about it again".
But Lynn interceded. She asked her if, they was looking for the clinic. Anna said "yes". Lynn said "you really don't want to do this, do you?" Anna broke down and cried. "no she didn't want to". She told me that, "she just wanted deep down inside, for someone to tell her "she didn't have to do this", and for Rich to tell her that "she didn't have to do this". Lynn asked if she was Catholic and would she like a rosary. She replied that she was Catholic. They asked if they could all take a minute and say a"Hail Mary" together and they agreed. After this the decision had been made by Anna that this was not going to happen. Rich turned to Anna and told her "let's go home".
After they left Hartford they went home immediately told both sets of their parents that she was going to have a baby.

My Story:

After talking to Anna myself, she just can't believe how total strangers wanted to be of such help." I told her that this is the work of The Holy Ghost working in others to try to help them, and that God sent Angels to her that day to protect her from grave sin". Lynn and her friends got through to Anna and Rich. Not all outcomes turn out this way. God has a plan for all, and all for a reason. God gave all of us who were involved in this story something very special. All of us (readers included) see the fruits of prayer and perseverence in our mission to reach out to those in need. This story is proof of just that.
I also told Anna that if she ever needed to talk that we were there for her and she could call us at anytime. Anna is currently working part-time and is still continuing her college education. She is living at home with her parents. Rich is very much involved in Isabel's life . Only God knows what the plan is for Rich and Anna. I am sure that they will continue to love Isabel and take care of her together regardless of their outcome. We would do what we could to help her. So this story will hopefully not end here, and that we all keep in touch and watch what God has planned for this beautiful baby girl, Isabel.
When Lynn told me of this story I wanted so much to share it. These are the little miracles that we don't hear about every day but, need to be shared for so many reasons. For the continued fight for our beliefs as Catholics. To support and encourage each other. To see the awesome effects of a simple "Hail Mary" and her intervention. But most of all to see the Divine Love of the Almighty God and Savior.
Lynn kept repeating over and over to me (trying to find the words to explain what she felt, the moment after, when she looked at the couple in front of her) "It was just like a "love story". I told Lynn that it was a "love story". A story of "Divine Love".

Please keep Anna, Rich and Isabel in your prayers for the long journey in life together. That they may find comfort in Jesus Christ and The Blessed Mother.

"Jesus, Mary, I Love You, Save Souls"


At 9:27 AM, Anonymous Cathy said...

A beautiful example of Christian love in action. Thank you for sharing it, Ginny. What a wonderful niece I've been blessed with!

Lynn, God bless you and your friend for saving life and souls!

I will pray for Anna, Rich and Isabel, Lynn, her friend and family.



At 10:19 AM, Blogger G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

Thanks, ginny, that was indeed very moving!
Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

At 11:33 PM, Blogger Tradosaurus said...

This was a great story to hear. Even if one baby is saved from death it makes it all worth while.

God bless,


At 9:06 PM, Blogger Moneybags said...

Ginny, Your story is an inspiration for all of us pro-lifers. It is a testimony to the love of God that our work can amount to great things by His love.

Thank you for sharing this.


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