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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sacraments and our obligation to adhere

Obeying and Adhering to the Commandments of Our Church

I know that I said that I would not be posting during Lent. I feel that I need to get a message across and do not want to miss out on the opportunity to do so. The sacraments and the commandments of our Catholic faith are our stability. We need to have rules and regulations put in place for us to follow or else there is mass confusion. It is important to realize that everything in this life comes not from us, but from God, himself. We owe Him our very lives and we MUST give to Him what He deserves. Our lives are like a special gift that you may have received. If it is very dear to you, you will do whatever you can to preserve it or if it is fragile, not to break it. We take care of it. We are proud of it and we want to share it with others. This is exactly what Jesus did when He suffered and died on the cross for us.
In regards to the Sacraments, he expects us to adhere to the teachings of our faith. If we don't do this then our lives will be nothing but chaos. There is not a single human being who doesn't suffer in one way or another. The only way to Cope with the suffering is by the true teaching of our faith. Following the commandments of our Lord.
We are all human regardless of where we stand in society. Whether you are on the top, as Our Pope, or of the lowest of the poor creatures of society. We all have, and will make mistakes. We need to accept the faults and defects of each other, and even our own. We need to do the best we can to correct ourselves, and not try to blame everything on someone or something else.
If we follow the teachings of the church regardless if we like them or not. These are the laws. If we honestly love God we will overcome our deficiences, and see that these laws that He, (God) established were for our own betterment, and closer union to Him. As we grow in the maturity of our faith we will come to see this. If we choose to ignore what we were all called to do, then we will suffer because of it. We have free will to choose, but the Catholic Church has always been the one true church and if we study our faith then we can not deny that. We can choose to look the other way and blame our church for this or that, but if we focus on the truth, and understand the reasons behind it, then we have no excuses, no reasons to doubt the Love of Our Savior. This will help in overlooking the human deformities in our church, and guide us to the Divine Spirit from where our hearts and souls need to be headed.
So as we approach Easter, and look forward to the Resurrection, we can see that the suffering that we have and share with our Savior will be all worth it.


At 9:42 PM, Blogger CG-59 said...

This is my favorite hour of the year. I normally have my 1 hour vigil at 3:00 am, but this year, a friend has invited me to join him for Tannebrae at the Abbey.

It'll be my first time. And yes, I absolutle agree we need rituals to sustain faith.


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