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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Have I been Slacker Blogger or What???

Well I haven't been doing too much out here in "Blogger World"
I have been reading and doing my usual Lenten prayers.
Not too much else!

I ask for you to keep my Mom in your prayers who has been practically bed ridden for the past seven weeks. She has just been able to get out for Sunday Mass in the past two weeks and she pays the price for it for several days at least.

This has all be due to a problem with her back. She is seeing a new doctor this week coming up and will hopefully be getting some injections to help illeviate her pain and make her more mobile

She has had a rough beginning to the year. Last year she had two heart attacks.
She doesn't complain a bit. A real trooper

I will try to become a better blogger after Lent, lol

Hope all of you are doing well???


At 9:02 PM, Blogger Venite, Missa est! said...

I don't know what your MOther is suffering form but...a few years ago my ailing mother had horrible back pain...on top of demetia, it was a real struggle. She could barely sit or lie flat and she was almost unbearable. We took her to a pain management doctor. He gave a cortisone shot in her spine and she only went back about a year after that for a follow up. Apparently it blocks certain nerves. Some people do not like this idea because it doesn't approach the problem (arthritis if I recall) but the pain is gone. Same with my Father and sister.

At 8:13 AM, Blogger Seminarian Matthew said...

How are you doing, nowadays?

Pax tecum


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