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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Computer Issues Again!! UGHHH

I haven't been posting lately due to computer issues, let's just say!

I have found a comfortable seat (cough, cough) at the Libray and have been jonesing to post for a while.

Well it has been a month now and since th news of the Motu Proprio there have been some interesting articles. Some good and some, not so good.

A priest about 10 minutes from where I live, Bethlehem Ct. is possibly going to say the Tridentine Mass.

I lived in Bethlehem for about 6-7 years after moving from Staten Island, NY.

As of now Fr. Looney, whom I am also familiar with, is offerring a Novus Ordo "Latin Mass"
There is a very good possiblility that he may start saying the Tridentine Rite using the 1962 Missal. Please keep this one in your prayers. This will make for a much closer commute for me. I now travel about 40 minutes to hear Mass, and ten minutes would be wonderful

I have also read an article, about a local priest who is not in as much favor, of the Mass being revitalized and encouraged. His statement was that he was certain that there wasn't a real need for the Mass of 1962 and that the people want to feel like they belong and it isn't possible with the Tridentine Mass. He thinks it will prove to be futile.

Now most of you that have gotten to know me, know that I am working on my sarcasim. I really try, but sometimes I slip.......
I will try and give it a whirl, here goes...
It is obvious through my observations of this priest that he is very liberal
Hence, the dyed hair and the the trying.... to fit into the "groove" with the teenagers
He actually thinks it is ok to promote rock videos as a way of relating to our faith with the teens
Hey Padre, how about some great Patron Saints as Heroes??
OPPPPs there goes that sarcasm, darn
Needless to say, you can imagine how I feel about that?

I am disturbed at the priests who don't have the same respect as they should toward the Mass of pre-Vatican II. In fact I think that they should encourage the Pope .....and well, some are just not doing so.
Wasn't there supposed to be a vow of obedience somewhere in here?
Oh dear, did that sound sarcastic...oooppps!
You see by not encouraging and making it sound that this is not so meaningful is very degrading and offensive to the Traditonal Catholic and also not very Christian as well
Actually, it puts me in the occasion of sin. I don't want to criticize a priest, but I also want to get my point across on my feelings.
They neglect to think, oh how that is so common among us all.
We forget to think of what our action, reponses and lack of responses does to affect the other person
So now as we continue this struggle to keep our Tradional Faith growing and encouraged, continue praying to the Blessed Mother and the Holy Ghost for help in changing our ways


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