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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth Of July

I hope you all have a safe and fun Day
Don't eat Too Many hot dogs

At last, some good news for the United States, from Reuters:

An American competitive eater devoured a record 66 hotdogs in 12 minutes Wednesday to win the July 4 annual Coney Island hotdog eating competition, defeating a six-time champion from Japan in a photo finish.

Defending champion Takeru Kobayashi, a 28-year-old from Japan who weighed in at 170 pounds, went into the competition with a jaw injury but still managed to down 63 hotdogs.

But the winner of the “Mustard Belt” prize for the most hotdogs eaten was 23-year-old Joey Chestnut from San Jose, California, who weighed in at 225 pounds.

Chestnut fulfilled his vow to beat the world record he set in qualifying earlier this year of 59 1/2 dogs, and to bring back the prize to America on Independence Day.

“For the past six years Kobayashi has dominated. In year seven he just couldn’t cut it,” Chestnut told Reuters. “It just feels awesome. For a long time the belt has been going away to Japan but this year it’s staying here.”

And now, the whining from the defeated champion:

Kobayashi, who was competing despite a jaw injury, said all the eaters were getting better every year. “I lost but this was the most fun I had,” he said.
“I didn’t feel pain but my jaw wasn’t moving part way through,” he said of his injury.

And then some inexplicable moralizing about weight from Reuters:

The United States has the highest prevalence of obesity among developed countries, at about one-third of the adult population, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 60 million adults are obese.


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