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Friday, June 29, 2007

Any Day Now

It is only a matter of time now and we shall see what the Motu Prorio is going to entail. This is going to be positive, it just has to be. I won't settle for anything less. Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother will shine through and give us Trads something to hope for. It has been a long time coming that the move in Tradition will be the way Christ had intended for His Church. Even if this is a slow move it is a good move. Finally the respect may be shown more frequently for Our Saviour and reverence that is due to The Body of Christ.

This Pope has truly earned my respect. God Bless You Pope Benedict! He seems to not only care about the importance of Tradtion, but also has a true love for it as well. This must be very difficult for him, because I am sure he cannot voice what is really in his heart and I firmly believe if he had his way, there would be an end put to the Modern Church and Liberalism.
Surely, he is being plummeted by the Liberals and he is almost forced to have no choice, but to accept the Church in the way it stands. I think this move although will be small is just a stepping stone to what will be one day the True Church Of Christ again. We may never see this in our time, but it will prevail.

Truth always does!

We can only pray that hearts will be turned around and that many will come and see the beautiful Mass and reclaim the Sacred Liturgy.

Let's not forget to Thank God and continue in our prayers to The Holy Father.
I am sure that the Blessed Mother is smiling with joy on this servant for his bravery and compassion towards the Traditional Faith


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