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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Better Get Your Facts Correct, Buddy!

Maybe the writer for "The Patriot Ledger", in Boston, should really have researched a little bit better before he, "Calls the Kettle Black". Boy, does this guy look stupid and Fr. Zuhlsdorf shows him why!
  • What Does The Prayer Really Say

  • The article written by Lane Lambert just goes to show you the sad mistakes made by Vatican II. Clearly, so many have been brainwashed. Just wait and see what happens when some of these folks wake up and "Smell the Coffee".

    I remember and still struggle, although not as bad, about how much I felt duped when I was given the grace to see the wrongs of Vatican II and the New Mass.
    You go through so many different emotions. Anger and Frustration, Joy and Happiness, Confusion and so many many questions that need to be answered
    Wow are our priests going to be busy!

    Well, IGNORANCE is something we are all going to have to deal with if and when this Motu Proprio is up and coming.

    I think that this will be a jumble of emotions all the way around. We have to be prepared properly, to be able to act when we are called on our faith.
    There will be alot of questions people will be asking Traditionalists, and looking to us for guidance. We need to gently persuade them to the truth.

    I will be praying that we all have the right words and that The Holy Ghost guides each one of us



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