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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Sacred Heart Diet Vs. THE SACRED HEART DIET !!!


Please do read on past this diet to see the REAL Sacred Heart Diet

Have fun comparing the two: As I did

The Sacred Heart Diet

Review Summary
The idea for the Sacred Heart Diet supposedly originated in the cardiology department at Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital in Wisconsin. However, the hospital maintains that this is not the case. Perhaps for this reason, identical plans have also sprung up under different names, such as the Spokane Heart Diet, the Cleveland Clinic Diet and the Miami Heart Institute Diet. Some have also observed that it bears a strong resemblance to the cabbage soup diet. Because of its indeterminate origins and lack of sound medical backing, many consider this plan to be nothing more than a fad diet. And while it may help some dieters cut back on their calories, it is unlikely that this plan is a viable long-term solution.
What it Is
The Sacred Heart Diet is designed to last for ten days. Dieters may choose to try it in order to lose weight for a special event, or to help kick off a new weight loss program. In order to begin the plan, dieters prepare a soup of fat-free broth and vegetables. This will be their primary source of nutrients for the week. On day one, dieters may eat the soup and any fruit besides bananas. Cantaloupe and watermelon are recommended. On day two, dieters eliminate fruit, and eat only soup and vegetables, avoiding peas, corn and beans. Dinner consists of a baked potato with butter. No baked potato on day three, but dieters may eat all the soup, fruits and veggies they like. On day four, dieters should eat at least three bananas and drink as much skim milk as they can, along with soup. On day five, dieters may eat 10 to 20 ounces of beef and one can of stewed tomatoes. They should also be sure to eat soup for one meal. On day six, dieters should eat the soup at least once, but other than that they may consume as much beef and vegetables as they wish. And finally, on day seven, at least one serving of soup, as well as brown rice, vegetables, and unsweetened fruit juice.
Some call the soup associated with the Sacred Heart Diet a “fat burning soup” or “calorie burning soup.” Some proponents also claim that it contains no calories at all, which is why dieters may eat as much of it as they like. It is also believed to “cleanse the body of impurities”, causing dieters to feel lighter and more energetic. Unfortunately, there is no truth to the claims that this soup, or any other food, for that matter, is calorie free. However, the broth and vegetables contain very few calories and can be quite filling, allowing dieters to restrict their total calorie intake.
Diet Lifestyle
Most dieters are aware that the most reliable method for losing weight is to simply burn more calories than you consume. Therefore, consuming fewer calories makes it easier to achieve the negative balance necessary to drop pounds. The “Sacred Heart” plan is quite low in calories, which may help some dieters to drop pounds. However, because the plan lasts only for one week, individuals are likely to gain the weight back as soon as they return to eating normally. Those who are looking for a way to control their calorie intake may want to consider a supplements containing hoodia gordonii. This herb has been shown to curb cravings, helping dieters to eat less without feeling deprived. Because the herb does not cause side effects, it is safe for long-term use.
• Does not require any specialty foods • Lasts only 7 days
• Dieters may grow bored of the menu • Not helpful for weight maintenance

Final Thoughts:
Most nutritional experts dismiss this diet as little more than a fad, arguing that many of its claims are simply false. Although the “special soup” contains plenty of healthy vegetables, no food is calorie free. It may be fairly low in calories, but many dieters may find themselves bored after several straight days of nothing but soup. More likely than not, any weight lost on this diet will quickly be gained back. In order to maintain weight loss, dieters may want to consider a supplement containing bitter orange in addition to hoodia gordonii. This herb has been shown to boost the metabolism increasing the body’s fat and calorie burning abilities.

Ok Now Here Is My Theory

Review My Summary:

This idea was originally formed in Watertown, Ct (inside my silly mind ), on a late night in June, when I couldn't go to sleep.This is how the idea inspired me to formulate this post (LOL)

Some may say that it resembles a strong comparison to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the devotion in which we honor her Most Immaculate Heart

Althought this may not have a strong spiritual backing. I do believe that this Sacred Heart Diet is NO "Fad Diet".

And although many may at times cut back on their diet of prayer, it is not recommended for any long term solution to salvation.

The idea of The Sacred Heart Diet is to develop our own unique and special relationship with Christ

What It Is:

It is designed to last for an Eternity

The closest relationship we can have with Our Lord and Savior is becoming united with His Most Sacred Heart

Followers may choose to follow the path of Christ in order to obtain salvation for their sins

Some proponent of prayers may be cleansing to the soul

On day one, one may pray The Act Of Consecration to The sacred Heart

Day two, may consist of Imitating The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Day three, We may learn to Love and Adore the Sacred Heart

Day four, we may now move into asking mercy from The Divine Heart of Jesus

And by Day five, we may receive the Most Sacred Heart as Our Savior into Our hearts in the form of The Eucharist

What ever you do be sure to have a healthy diet of prayer and that you maintain as much prayer and contemplation as possible for your daily servings


Some call this diet a "Soul Saving Grace", or a "Indulegence Of A Hundred Days" for the betterment of Eternal Health. Some claim that they are sinners and Have no faith at all, but this is why you must act on the devotion to The Sacred Heart for the complete "cleansing of your impurities" and after you do this and go to confession, the Holy Ghost will fill your soul and you will feel more spiritually energetic. There is no guarantee to the salvation of souls and only God knows of our fate. However, this is not to give up the hope of Mercy in the Heart of Jesus and asking for intercession from the Blessed Mary Ever-Virgin.

Diet Life-Style:

Most Cathlolics are aware of the methods of reaching salvation through the various forms of prayer. Therefore it is importatnt in comsuming as many indulgences as possible even if we are to only achieve partial ones. This "Sacred Heart" plan can last an eternity opposed to a lifetime benefits from that other "Sacred Heart" plan. Those of you who are looking to control Tempation will need to make sure that they continue on the right path. Never mind adding special herbs to this diet. A good dose of Holy Water in your home and some beeswax candles and some incense and meditation on the Sacred Heart is all you really need. This will be sure to cause no side effects and will be safe for long-term use.


Well, what would beat Eternal Salvation!

Living the rest of our time adoring the Most Adorable Heart of Jesus!

Seeing the smiling face of Our Blessed Mother!

Basking in the Glow of all the Angels and Saints!

Having eternal Joy and being free from the torments of Hell!

Final Thoughts:

Most Spiritual Experts would have to agree that the only way to salvation is through prayer and the Divine Mercy of Our Savior

Although no"soup" is salvation free, it is high in hope and contains many possiblities for entering into the Kingdom Of Heaven. In order to maintain a life of prayer one must continue to do Penance and mortifications. Oh and never mind those herbs again, the best solution to any form of keeping you mind body and soul healthy is receiving the Eucharist on a frequent basis

I had a lot of fun with this and now if I don't get to sleep I may find myself late for work in the morning!



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