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Monday, July 09, 2007

In The Words of St Ambrose.....

Summorum Pontificum
In discussions, this brings me to some thoughts that we should consider:

People have been saying that they can't even get their family members to support them in this celebration. They act like "big deal", who cares!

They have responded to "Ask someone to come to a Mass" with you, "Well, If I can't even get a family member to come to show support for me, or what this stands for in the church, then what, "get someone who doesn't give a hoot about you to go with you"? HAH!

Yes this can be very discouraging. It is a real let down to want to share this with your loved ones and they act like you were discussing the weather with them. This is HUGE to you, but they don't understand that. Yes, you are overjoyed and you feel stifled and can't express this with them It is a major shame. This is "BIG" to Traditionalists, folks! It is if you had a baby, or some other important landmark in your life, and can't share it with them! Imagine the Heartache!

So we have to continue to take this into consideration. To know that they are, and I hate to use this word, but they are ignorant to our blessings and graces.

We have to try. We have to continue to pray! Prayer is what got us to this point July 7th, 2007 We can't move mountains in one day!

So Now, onto something else that is not a case of ignorance
In the words of St Ambrose:

"Ignorance is no excuse when we have neglected to learn what we are obliged to know"

Then there were discussions and thoughts about how once the priest start acting on this, and trying to expand the Mass and Sacraments , they can find themselves meeting up with an "unworthy opponent".

This will happen, of course

I know that I don't want to think about this but........The reality of this is factual.

There are going to be Bishops that don't want any part of this Summorum Pontificum.

Before they go ahead and send these beautiful priests off to "for the better of his vocation", or "It is the needs of......." is why he was sent to the Hospital as a chaplain", or "Prison Chaplain", or......I think you see where I am coming from...

Remember those words........You will have to answer to........WHO??????
Remember who the Judge is? It is not yourself

You won't be fooling anyone here either!

Even if you think in your own mind that you are justifying it you can't. HE KNOWS!


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