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Friday, January 25, 2008

Respect and Traditionalism

I have been involved in some discussions lately on respect, especially in the instances of women.

It seems that murders involving women have been a huge topic of discussion, that seems to have people questioning the safety and respect of human life

Maria Lauterbach was a young pregnant marine who lost her life violently, as well as the life of her unborn baby.

There was an incident in a town close to where I live, where two men raped and murdered a doctor's wife and his two daughters

In the discussions I have been involved in, opened the oppportunity for me to bring up our faith and the respect which Our Lord has for His Mother and how men should model His example.

Also in reference to respectability, how the Catholic faith has the only two examples of respect for both species of the sexes.

Mary is our model for woman and Jesus for our men

If we follow that love and respect that they had for each other then there wouldn't be any senseless murders or disrespect for human beings at all.

It is seen especially in the Traditional Mass. Altar servers assisting women from the altar rails after receiving communion is a prime example of treating a woman like a "lady". Now that is respect.
Do you see this occur anywhere else?
Of course also, we see in our churches how the mother of a bride and bridegroom is walked down the aisle.

Woman who wear veils or head coverings show the respect for Jesus, and in turn we also get respect, respect that we deserve. We are not distractions when we cover one of our most precious and beautiful aspects of our womanhood. Instead we focus on what we are in that church for, and that is praise and worship of God.


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