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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where Have I Been??

Ok I have not been a very good girl when it comes to taking care of my site here!!

I have been having a great time with making crafts and going to craft fairs and apple picking, and doing all kinds of preserving and canning. I also crochet and have been busy making presents for Christmas

I owe my daughter a blanket that I have been putting off....so I need to make sure that it is done for Christmas. Bad Ginny...this should have been her birthday gift

And speaking of that beautiful young woman!!!
Happy Birthday to you, today at the wonderful age of 19.....and as you make your Mom older and older...Thanks!! LOL

I also don't have internet service at the moment so this makes it difficult to post as well

I am not gone just lighter blogging in the next few months

Hope everyone is well in Blogosphere!!!


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