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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Inspirational Passages

I thought that I would like to take some inspirational passages from some of the readings that I come across in my daily prayers and post them for you to enjoy as well. I will try to post a daily read, (even if it be a short passage) to share as the Holy Ghost guides me.

Today from the Imitation of Christ by Thomas a` Kempis

Chapter 30

Asking Divine Assistance, and Confidence in Recovering Grace

Son I am the Lord, who give strength in the day of trouble. -NATHUM I.7.
Come to Me when it is not well with thee.
This is that which most of all hinders heavenly comfort,that thou art slow in turning thyself to prayer.
For before thou earnestly prayest to Me thou seekest in the meantime many comforts and delightest thyself in outward things.
And hence it comes to pass that all things avail thee little till thou take notice that I am he that delivers those that trust in Me. Nor is there outside of Me any powerful help,or profitable counsel, or lasting remedy.

But now having recovered spirit after the storm grow thou strong again in the light of My tender mercies; for I am at hand to repair all, not only to the full, but even with abundance and above measure.

2. Is anything difficult to Me? or shall I be like the one that promises and does not perform?- JER.XXXII> 27; NUMB. XXIII. 19.

Where is thy faith? Stand firmly and with perseverence.
Have patience and be of good courage, cofort will come to thee in its proper season.
Wait for Me, wait, I will come and cure thee.
It is a tempatation that troubles thee, and a vain fear that frighens thee.
What does that solicitude about future aaidents bring thee but only sorrow upon sorrow? "Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof."_ MATT. VI. 34
It is a vain and unprofitable thing to conceive either grief or joy for future things, which perhaps will never happen.

3. But it is human to be deluded with such imaginations; and a sign of a soul that is yet weak to be easily drawn away by suggestions of the enemy.
For he cares not whether it be with things true or false that he abuses and deceives thee, whether he overthrow thee with the love of things present or the fear of things to come.
"Let not, therefore, thy heart be troubled and let it not be afraid."-JOHN XIV. 27.
Believe in Me and trust in My mercy.
When thou thinkest I am far from thee, I am often nearest to thee.
When thou judgesty that almost all is lost, then oftentimes it is that thou art in the way of gaining the greatest merit.
All is not lost when anything falls out otherwise than thou wouldst have it.
Thou must not judge according to thy present feeling, nor give thyself up in such manner to any trouble, whencesoever it comes, nortake it so as if all hope were gone of being delivered out of it.

4. Think not thyself wholly forsaken, although for a time I have sent theee some tribulation, or withdrawn from thee the consolation, or withdrawn from thee the comfort which thou desirest; for this is the way to the kingdom of heaven.
And without doubt it is more expedient for thee, and for the rest of my servants, that thou be exercised by adversities than that thou shouldst have all things according to thy inclination.
I know thy secret thoughts; I know that it is very expedient for thy soul that hou shouldst sometimes be left without consolation, lest hou shouldst be puffed up with much success and shouldst take complacence in thyself,imagining thyself to be what thou art not.
What I have given I can justly take away and restore it again when I please.

5. When I give it is still Mine; when I take it away again I take not anything that is thine; for every good gift and perfect gift is Mine.-JAMES I. 17.
If I sen thee affliction or any adversity, repine not, neither let thy heart be cast down.
I can quickly raise thee up again and turn all thy burden into joy.
Nevertheless, I am just and greatly to be praised when I deal thus with thee.

6.If thou think rightly and consider things in truth thou oughtst never to be so much dejected and troubled for any adversity, but rather to rejoice and give thanks.
Yea, even to account this as a special subject of joy, that afflicting thee with sorrows I spare thee not-JOB VI.10.

"As My Father hath loved Me I also have loved you," said I to My beloved disciples-JOHN XV.9, whom certainly I did not send to temporal joys, but to great conflicts; not to honors, but to contempt; not to idleness, but to labors; not to rest, bu to "bring forth much fruit in patience."-LUKE VIII. 15. Remember these words, O my son.


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