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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Daily Need of Patience

From My Daily Bread

Chapter 51

Daily Need of Patience


My child, though you may plan all things and arrange everything with the greatest care, you will still have many opportunities to exercise the virtue of patience. You cannot eliminate the unexpected, the unforseen, and the unavoidable. In many cases your best remedy and weapon will be an intelligent patience with yourself as well as others.

2. Every man has his daily share of troubles and trials. sometimes it may be bodily pain and discomfort. At other times it may be mental or spiritual suffering, some annoyance, disappointment, or anxiety. Sometimes you may feel that I have deserted you. Then again, you may have to bear misunderstandings, misinterpretations, or even bad will from your neighbor. In fact, there are times when you are a burden and a bother to yourself.

3. Everybody would like to free of these trials, but it cannot be. They are a part of your earthly life. Wherever you turn, you will always find my cross in one form or another. Patience will help you bear it more easily. This virtue will help yoou keep your soul at peace, so that you may continue to walk toward Heaven in time of trials.


I see only too clearly how wonderful a virtue patience is. It is the key to peace, even joy, in time of trouble and suffering. I need never be surprised, resentful, disappointed, or sad when things go badly for me. Wherever I go, I bring with me one of my greatest troubles and burdens-myself, with all my unreasoning desires and endless wants. Through the virtue of patience I can gain greater possesion of myself. I shall more easily see how to deal with the trials facing me.


My Jesus, King of true glory, You embraced a life of suffering and trials for love of me. You mounted a throne of shame and agony for my sins. Can I expect, or even desire, a life of ease, with everything going as I wish? When I consider what You chose to suffer for my sake, the disappointmensts, hatred, ingratitude, humiliation, injustice, and more, can I want a life of planned successes and pleasant friendships? No, Lord. If I really love You, I shall desire a patience to accept the heartaches, aggravations, and disappointments which come my way. Make me more like You in a life like Yours. No greater glory is possible to any man. Amen.


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