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Sunday, July 23, 2006

God and His Creatures

From the Book My Way of Life

Confraternity of the Precious Blood

Chapter VIII

Work in World Government

A section taken from this chapter inspired from the reading of todays Gospel

Such works are wonderous to us, not because they are supernatural but because they so far surpass our own powers. Indeed Augustine points out, the prodigies of the devil are really lying wonders: "either because he will deceive mens senses by means of phantoms, so that he will not really do what he will seem to do; or because, if he works real prodigies, they will lead those into falsehood who believe in him." This hoary procedure of Satan has been employed for so many centuries that it has become almost a rigid routine in winning his dupes: startle them into a blind faith in him by showing them novelties beyond human power in order that, in that blindness, they might accept poisonous evil he has prepared for them. Men invite this very catastrophe when they search for knowledge of the future from stars, ouija boards, cards, tea leaves, palms, bumps on the head or self-induced darkness of the seance room. It is the element of reality behind good-luck charms, love potions, and voodoo curses; all these are invitations to the devil to exercise a power superior to that of the physical world.


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