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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Coming Closer

From My daily Bread

Chapter 6

Coming Closer


My Child, when I am present to you, all is well and nothing seems to difficult. When I speak to you, you need no human consolations. When I am silent, no human words can console you. Seek to realize how truly I am your All. Whatever helps you in this life is only an instrument of Mine.

2. It is a great accomplishment to know how to speak with Me. My conversation is with the humble and the simple. I speak to those who do not have a false idea of their own importance. My message is easily understood by those who do not complicate their lives with too many interests and useless activities.

3. Show me a true purity of soul. Refuse to depend too much on wordly consolation and do not look overanxiously for earthly remedies. In using natural remedies, you must still see My hand leading you on. You please me very much when you put your confidence in My understanding, interest, power and love.

4. When you have learned to concentrate on Me, no achievemnet or occupatio will distract you too much from Me. You will refuse to let your desires become too strong, no matter how good they may be. At all times you will be ready to give up whatever you are doing if I so wish. In all things, you will aim at nothing and desire nothing except My Will.

5. As far as you can control your earthly interests, only so far can you be united with Me. As freedom from wordly desires brings you My peace, so does freedom from worldly self- seeking bring you closer to My Heart.


No matter how good a work may be, I must not desire it so strongly that I lose my peace of soul. No matter how hard I may work on something, I should not become over-eager for success. God will bring success in His own way and in His own good time. My human nature is always looking for self-satisfaction. I can guard myself against all unreasonable self-love by abandoning myself to God's divine providence in all my undertakings. By accepting the results as His holy Will, I shall be giving Him the kind of glory which He desires of me. I shall eliminate all self-deception and shall attain true purity of heart. God will find no obstacles in me and He will draw me into a lasting friendship with Him.


My Jesus, true center of my life, let my attention be so fixed on You that I may be aware of You in everything I do. I will never seperate myself from You by undue anxiety or over-eagerness for success. In the good works which I perform, I want You to take charge. I desire to surrender myself entirely to You in all my occupations. No longershall my will lead me on, but Yours. I shall always strive to make my best efforts. The results are Yours to decide. My greatest joy from now on will be to work for love of You. Amen


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