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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Becoming a Companion of Jesus

From My Daily Bread

Chapter 35

Becoming a Companion of Jesus


My Child, turn to Me as often throughout the day as your duties will permit. learn to turn to Me as others turn to their loved ones and friends. I will give your mind great thoughts, which will raise you above your narrow earthly view. My thoughts will refresh you, console you, make you wise, strengthen you, and give you joy.

2. Prepare your soul for My loving companionship, and I shall draw closer to you with greater graces. I shall raise you up from your natural human level to My heavenly heights. there you will have a broader view of life, a deeper understanding, and a greater strength for life's daily activities and burdens.

3. Strive to meditate upon My earthly life. learn to enter into all that I have experienced on earth. Every thought, every word, every act of Mine was lived for the love of you. You have a place in My earthly life, and My life belongs to you. Therefore, learn to share in it now through meditation and reflection.

4. Learn to pierce the barriers of time and space by the use of prayer. The more you strive to step into My earthly life and become a companion of Mine in it, the more actively will I share your earthly life by granting you greater graces.


What a wonderful privilege- to be able to step into the earthly life of Jesus and become a closer companion of His! I can share His every thought, word, and action. Ah! But isn't that just a bit of imagination on my part? No. He lived every second of His earthly life for me. Being God, He thought of me personally from all eternity. Surely He did not stop thinking of me while He was working out my salvation. Because of His infinite love for me, His earthly life belongs to me. for my sake he lived each moment of it. I have every right to step into it and share it with Him through mental prayer, I can do this by contemplating what He did, meditating on what He said, and considering what He thought and felt in each event.


My loving Saviour, my heart is overflowing with joy having discovered a precious secret today! I can step over the barriers of time and space. I can come to You in Your earthly life as You come into mine. Today I have found You in a new way. I will not let You go, but will hold on to You. I desire to do whatever is necessary to become a true companion of Yours. As earthly friendship requires time, attention, and sympathetic understanding, so to will I give you my time, my attention. I will make my best efforts to nderstand you better. by daily meditating upon what you said and did in Your earthly life. I shall read a portion of Your life and mentally live it with You for a while each day. You will grant me the grace to gain the same benefits from this experience as i might have gained Had I follwed You as one of Your disciples. Lord, grant me the faith and the love which i need to give myself to You in this wonderful method of prayer. Amen.


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