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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Devotions and Novenas

Devotions are very important in our spiritual growth. They are a great way to honor a particular saint and pray for a special intention. This form of prayer keeps us focused on the important aspects of obtaining our goal of heaven, and a good way to divert satan as well. Satan does not like it when we pay particular care to remember to keep a novena going and focus on our Lord and our salvation. This is very pleasing to our Blessed Mother as well. The saints are very pleased that we honor them by praying for our intercession to them, for asking of the pardoning from our offences, and making our petitions perfected to be presented to God. There are graces and indulgences to be obtained if we follow a novena or special devotion. Today marks the feast day of a very special saint, St. Therese Lisieux, the Little Flower and Child of Jesus, and there are a few novenas and devotions to her that can be made in her honor. She vowed to Jesus that she would take care of us after she was in heaven and she continues to pray for our souls. We can honor her by saying a novena and thanking her for her intercession on our behalf. She is a very powerful saint and many souls have been guided by her.
There are so many novena's and devotions that can be followed and we should be encouraged to bring these into our life on a regular basis.
Some Novenas and devotions such as The Divine Mercy, devotion to The Sacred Heart, The Way of the Cross, Novenas for our priests, and many more can be found when you refer to this site:
This is also First Saturday and the attendance of Mass and Confession together with our Lady's promises for special grace while saying the rosary should also be a good habit for us. Take the time to find in your day to devote time for a wonderful way of worship to Our Savior and Our salvation.


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