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Friday, August 05, 2005

100% Faithful to our Priests

In order to be 100% faithful to God, we must be 100% faithful to our priests. This has been an on going problem and the need to make a stand for our priests is indeed making a stand for Jesus Christ. I will explain what I mean by this statement. There are many times when we try and justify things, for example, " If I only have a small piece of cake it won't be so bad", or "Just ignore it, its not really so bad". We all tend to do these things and we are all guilty of doing this. This does not make it right. These are some of the things that we as good Catholics, should be working on to improve in our lives. I think most people would agree with this. So why do we find something so easy, as letting our priests, be our priests, so hard to do. I am not trying to confuse anyone here I am just trying to prove some points. I will get into this, I promise. Why it is very difficult to deny that piece of cake, or candy, or ice cream, at times? Well we all know the answer to that is simple. It should be easy enough to allow a priest to perform his role as a shepherd feeding his sheep, don't you think???? Simple again, just let him right? WRONG! Well if this is the case, then why do we support just the opposite? Every time we support, by attending a norvus ordo mass, we take away from the role of the priest. Harsh, I don't think so. Even a priest who does not believe in bringing back the Traditional Tridentine Mass is being denied full access to his priesthood. He may love the liberalism of the Catholic faith which is clearly Protestantism, but he is truly robbed of his true intimacy with our Lord, and his flock who are faithful to his calling.
You see by supporting certain ministries of our church, we are taking away the duties of our priests. By allowing lay people to deliver our Savior to us is hurting priests immensely. This is hurting us as well, whether the priest or the lay person believe it or not. This is where the justification comes into play that I was speaking of before. I don't know how many times I have heard the advocate approach to this "Well no one is worthy to hold the Body of Christ",this is so true, and the truth is that only our priests hands are consecrated. This was the role of our priests to deliver our salvation to us by the hands that were called to do this. You are taking away from him his Intimacy with our Lord. This is the same analogy if some was to be unfaithful to ones spouse in an intimate way. Who would want that?? Trust me, that is what we are doing by supporting and actively supporting the liberal ministries of our church. Do you really want to hurt your priest in this most precious union he has with God? Most people may not know this and are not aware that this is what is happening and those beautiful men who say nothing are suffering beyond our comprehension. If a true holy priest loves our Lord we should allow him to do just that, love Him. We should pray for them and especially those priests who think it is ok to believe in the modernistic approach. Even most priests don't realize what is being taken from them. This for sure is satan entering our church and loving every minute he railroads one of our priests into believing that this liberal way of thinking is a good thing. There are traditons and they are established for a reason and not meant to be manipulated by us or the hierarchy. God created the tradition and we should uphold these teachings. This is such a tiny piece of the problems with modern Catholicism. Children are being taken away from the priest and his reading of the Gospel of Christ to have it being told by a lay person. This is also being justified, (remember at the beginning of this article, I would get into this). " Well the children need to hear the Gospel on their level so they can understand it". Ok now we take them away from the family that should be together, how God has intended. We take the children away from our priest, again, taking away his role to spread the Word of the Lord. Why??? Didn't we all do just fine as children in mass with our parents together listening to the priest as the Holy Spirit came forth through him??? Sure we did!! Maybe we didn't quite understand it all, maybe we don't even now, this is part of the mysteries.....(ahhh yes those mysteries which we have gotten away from), but we were together as one body sharing in the sacrifice at calvary. Did they pull the faithful away to explain calvary on a level that they could understand when the actual event took place? NOT!! So why are we doing this?? What right do we have in justifying these matters. These are just some of the poor excuses we are using without most people even realizing this is happening. I mean would it be ok to say something like "well a little ponography is ok!!! if they show off just a little, they are really not totally naked"?? Come on! It is the insinuation of all this that makes the devil revel in his victories against us and his priests. We need to take a good hard look at all these ministries involving the modern day Catholic church and depict what is going on and do something about it. By refusing to have any part of it is the way to give to your priest and to God back the intimacy they so deserve with each other, and for our souls to benefit from their union with each other. Help us, and our priests, to not justify these absurdities. There is a wonderful article that says so much better what I can't in the link column called Veritas which is very worthwhile reading. There is so many other areas I could elaborate on that we take from our priests and I would like to get into but I will leave this for another time. Please understand that if we continue to support liberalism in our church we are taking away from that crucial percentage that is 100% belonging to Our Lord and His priests. God Bless and ask the Holy Spirit for the graces to be open to this.


At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many would argue this Ginny and say that there is a shortage of priests and they need help administering the Eucharist. Well, as one priest I know said, " it is a matter of taking a few minutes longer (if only a priest administers the Eucharist), Eucharist ministers are not needed" I have told my children to receive our Lord from the priest only. If we allow lay people to do many of the priestly duties then it minimizes the role of our beloved priests. The liberalism has led as far as lack of respect in receiving the Eucharist. This is why something that seems like a small relaxing of standard turns into a huge matter (improper dress,popping the eucharist in their mouth, walking away with it ect.)

At 10:14 PM, Anonymous SUSAN said...

Oh, one more thing...what is happening in our church is like putting a frog in a pot of water and slowly turning up the heat. The frog doesn't realize what is happening until it is too late.
If one threw the frog in a pot of boiling water then he would recognize what was happening and jump out.


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