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Monday, August 01, 2005

From The Heart

At 43 years old I have lived through good and bad times just as anyone else has. Anyone who has gained any wisdom and most of us has, through just the experiences in our lives. Some people have more strength so it seems, than others and we are all aware of this. We are all unique carrying lifes burdens and joys, handling situations in our own ways. That is how God has created us and we should appreciate ours, and others, in their precious distinct qualities.
Recently, In my life, and the in the lives of others I know, have been quite the eye opener for me. I have learned more in the past several weeks than think I can ever remember. I have found out that no matter what happens to anyone of us that the most important, and only meaniful aspect is that of our own spirituality. God is and should always be the utmost concern above all else, regardless of whatever happens in our lives.
God has given me a grace and another cross to see the pains and sufferings of not only myself , but of those around me. I am truly grateful for this. I only hope that I can say and do the right things to comfort them. I pray to the Holy Spirit for this guidance. Similarly some of us have been bearing the same cross. Some have had other difficulties that have been affecting them and I have witnessed them and feel their sufferings as well. This is what Christ did when He suffered for us but of course on a much greater magnitude. This hindsight has brought a entente of joy and suffering to my life.
Most of these people are good devout Catholics, some not, but all in the same are God's people all trying to strive for the same goal of true happiness. Some of us know who that is...God Himself and others are trying to seek it out and haven't found Him yet. We must remember through all our misgivings, sufferings, joys that there is only one path and one direction to head. That is the path and the road that leads us to eternal happiness in the arms of the only one that can comfort us. That doesn't mean that we don't need human comfort and we should reach out to others and show our love. Because showing our love for each other is where you see Christ truly at work. This also comes from Him. So give someone a hug.
There have been major changes recently in my life and most of them not too good. I will carry a heavy cross. I have turned to God for my strength and I know He will and has already given it to me. Hence the strength to write this is from Him. some of this suffering I am going through is some of the worst I have ever endured. This is because the suffering I am doing is for Him. His cross is heavier than any other cross I could carry myself.
Although there is much pain and suffering in this world, there is also Hope, Faith and Love. The greatest is Love....never forget this.
He lets me see how people come together who truly love Him and are able to be there for each other to support and encourage and pray for them.
Always remember too He tells me if you cannot receive me sacramentaly, that I will always be there for you. May we always be in tune to the true light of God and be open to the graces that allow Him to heal our hearts. Remember He loves us.


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