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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Latin Mass

In regards to the Latin Mass. If someone asks you, "What do you get out of this Mass, I don't hear what is going on?" "I don't understand what the priest is saying"? This is common of people who are so used to the changes in the Mass since Vatican II. The beautiful mystery of the Mass was taken away and replaced by celebrations of the Eucharist. The Mass is calvary and should be regarded as nothing less. Adding different variations to the Mass is deplorable. There are rituals of different customs that are being added such as dancing and folk music and so many other forms of culture. These are not the tradtions of our faith. This is something that man has added in to "spruce up" the Mass and glorify themselves. This is calvary not a Birthday party. I see so much socialization instead of reverence and it is enough to make you cry and I have, literally, cried over this.
Upon entering a Church, I ask everyone to put themselves at that moment in time where our Lord died for us. Socialization is disrespectful to Jesus, and to others who want to show respect and pray. The Mass is a serious time, and should be taken for what it is, and not what we want to make of it. Also if you look around, after a New Mass is said, everyone hurrys out the door. What happened to offering a Thanksgiving after Mass to God.? You still see this in the Latin Mass and is extremely important to Thank God for what He has given to us-Himself. We have forgotten some very important traditions.
"This Mass was used for about 1500 years and was dated as far back as the 6th century in the time of St Gregory".1 " The 1570 Papal Bull Quo Primum stated that this Mass could be used without any conflicts."1 This certainly isn't true because the priests have to get permission by the local bishops to say this Mass which is totally absurd. The late Pope John Paul II (God rest his soul) stated that "It is necessary to show respect and understanding of those who wish to attend the Latin Mass." 1" He also stated that as far as possible these sentiments and desires should be accommodated."1 They certainly make it difficult for those of us who would like to attend. I speak of those who have to travel long distances to attend Mass. This is far from accomodating. There must be something said for this, because those who travel, do it because of their genuine love of Christ. I find it hard to understand why it is not offered in every parish, at least one Mass? Those who are responsible have to answer that question when they come face to face with Christ. We are all sinners and we all have to answer to God in the end. I am no better than anyone else, and I am so afraid for all the souls, including my own.
In the New Mass there are no references to the sacrifice of the Mass, but this is a sacrifice of Jesus to the Father on behalf of us. He did indeed die for our sins. The new Mass (Vatican II) clearly calls this a celebration of the Eucharist. Although we should celebrate and praise Jesus for offering himself up for the forgiveness of our sins, the Mass is calvary and should not be confused to what it stands for. There is a variety of personalization in the new Mass and it strays from the uniformity of the Traditional Mass.
The Latin Mass and what it represents is said exactly the same each time and isn't that what calvary was all about. Although people complain about it difficult to understand, it is supposed to be a mystery. Also the Latin missal has the English text right next to the Latin so you can follow along. This just takes a little getting used to but if you read you will see how beautiful the words are.
The catechism on the One Holy and Apostolic Church clearly states that the unity was formed in the Church. This is been diverted in the New Mass. It has been conformed to fit us, and it is not all about us. We are being sorely mislead. Once the Holy Spirit revealed this grace of the knowledge of the truth, I felt very deceived, and rightfully so. I went through a number of emotions that anyone might go through if one would have been hurt by deception. I decided to carry this cross and bear it as joyfully as I can. I am glad to know the truth. Even though it hurts sometimes. You can feel so very alone. It is so sad to see how many people have been led away from tradition and into a new form that doesn't support the true teaching of Christ. Satan has definitely infiltrated the Church.
I want to make it clear that I am not bashing anyone. I have been given a grace by God and not all understand it but it truly was an awakening for me. I see that not only do lay people, but also priests and religious are involved in this deception. I find that they try to defend themselves with excuses and are not even aware of it. I pray for those conscious of this, and those ignorant to these truths.
I ask for only people to be open to the graces the Lord has to offer, and to give the Latin Mass a fair chance. Attend a Mass and compare intellectually and fairly the differences. I hope God will allow you understand. I pray especially for Traditionalists and ask to give them courage to stand up for their faith and not sit idle and wait for something to happen. We need to build up the community and restore what has been lost for a long time.
Please pray for the Tradition of our Church and those who support it.
If you have never attended a Latin Mass, I suggest going to a High Mass. At the High Mass they use Holy water and incense as forms of honor to God. The traditions are very much present all through the mass.

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At 5:39 PM, Anonymous Susan said...

I could not help but say how moved I was after attending a Latin Mass. The words are so beautiful! I think one could say that many attend Mass looking to "get something out of it". It is a "feel good" generation. How about what can we give?

At 9:49 PM, Blogger Elena said...

I remember going to the Latin mass as a little girl and remembering it as being very peaceful. I haven't had the opportunity as an adult but I certainly would like to.

Welcome to St. Blog's!

At 4:28 PM, Blogger ukok said...

I've never attended a TLM, but I hope to one day :)

God Bless.


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