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Friday, September 16, 2005

St Therese of Lisieux

This saint is my favorite saint. She is truly the closest saint, beside the Blessed Mother, that I hold dearest in my heart. I know she has been there praying for me and she has guided me to a closer union with God. This was her purpose in her life here on earth, and her continued plan for life in eternity with Christ. She wanted to bring souls to Jesus even after she was in heaven. This is what she asked of our Savior. She has been granted this time and time again. Her little, simple, and quiet ways are so acceptable to God, and very fulfilling to my soul. Patterning after this has been a special joy in my life. I smile when I don't receive recognition and offer this to the Lord. It is a wonderful discovery that everyone should benefit from. There is a peace about her life. The books on her life are quite comforting. "The Story of A Soul", about her biography, is an awesome book. She truly loved mankind and she never ceased praying for the conversion of sinners. When she was just a small child she prayed for people who were truly in need. She loved like a little child all through her short life. She lived her life making every act an offering to the Lord. Even the most menial tasks were done with constant reminder of why she was doing them. Her biography was written under obedience. I am sure she would have never written her story otherwise. She was just so humble. Thank God her superiors wanted her to share her thoughts. She was truly happy abandoning herself to God. Even as an adult her childlike relationship with her father and sisters are very inspiring and touching. She wasn't afraid to die and longed to be with Jesus. She suffered much with illness and offered it all in His name. Never have I encountered a saint with such a genuine love for our Savior. She is a wonderful role model for all women and men alike. She was what the religious life should be all about.
I have felt her touch personally in my life. I know that she is still working on conversions. She is a powerful saint. Pray for her intercession.
We need to remember our religious who are so devout and holy. They truly offer themselves without any regard for fanfare. Sitting in the background praying for our souls is the most humble and beautiful thing they could do for us. God has certainly rewarded her for her true love for Him, and it gives us the strength to try to imitate her way. She is certainly a saint worth getting to know.


At 11:00 AM, Blogger G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

And her feast is coming up in just 2 weeks or so, so there is time to prepare. There are a couple of Novenas to the Little Flower, but I think the simplest might be the best, and perhaps the best received, too.


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