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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Eucharist Trampled at an Outrageous Rate

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine on an article she read. She said it was about a Eucharistic Minister, who feeling guilty about handing out Our Lord, and why he stopped. He said that he couldn't be part of what he had come to realize. These realities are disturbing and when you actually give it thought, how can it not be true. I researched and found the article she was talking about


He wanted to perform a test on his own. He distributed the bread to observe very closely the particles that could come off and how they can be transported about via means of hands, and clothing, and the floor. The amounts of particles had been astonishing

Now this whole story got me to thinking that if you add up the number of people receiving Communion in the hand an then add all the Masses in a weekend and then if particles are being dropped at a good rate, the amount of particles of the Eucharist that are being trappled on, stepped on, kneeled on, and sat on, just floors me. You are not safe anywhere you go even on the steps leading into the church. Now also,remember that the Church gets vacuumed as well. Our Lord is probably inside those filthy bas as well. If this doesn't sicken you and change your mind about receiving in the hand then I don't know if anything ever will. Our Lord is being dropped everywhere and we are crushing Him daily. I don't think I will ever enter a Church again knowing it is quite possible Jesus is being stepped on by Me!!! Oh Lord forgive us and please stop this outrage of Communion in the hand.

Even in our Traditional Masses we need to remind our altar boys of how important it is to be very careful of how they handle the paten, for Jesus could be present and they need to be extremely careful and guard that paten!

Thursday, August 17, 2006
"Eucharistic Minister's" Confession: Startling Study on Communion in the Hand

An article was published in the latest Fatima Crusader put out by Fr. Nicholas Gruner's Apostolate called the Confession of a Eucharistic Minister. This startling story is about a courageous man given the grace to see the absolute evil of Communion in the hand and its utterly unbelievable consequences.

He goes on to make a study on Communion in the hand and he records the number of particles which detach from the altar breads and with the naked eye are visible on the "ministers" hand, the communicants hand, and thus eventually the floor or another destination unknown. When we reflect that under the sacramental veil, in each little particle of the host is the true presence of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are absolutely baffled at the result of this study.

The study consisted of 25 trial "Communions" which were done with altar breads. The result was 92 VISIBLE PARTICLES attached to the "ministers" hand and the communicants hand in those 25 "Communions". Each "Communion" averaged 3.68 particles per communicant. The conclusion of all this is that a typical Church which houses the Novus Ordo mass, with Communion in the hand, leaves a veritable mine-field of Eucharistic Particles which people trample under foot!!!!

This study showed with moral certainty that one would be stomping on the gentle Jesus if entering a N.O. Church if that Church was not properly purified! May God help us, and send an end to this horrible time, and bring us back exclusively to the Tridentine Mass and Sacraments, which so well protected our dear Lord in the greatest gift of Love ever given to this wretched world.


At 11:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man I know what you mean! Check this one out.

So this Deacon is distributing the Precious Blood/Body of our Savior to the people right. He drops the chalice! Our Lord's Blood/Body spilling everywhere. Do you think Mass stopped and the purificators brought out? Nope. He got a second chalce, stepped a little over to the side and gestured for the people to keep on coming. They walked right through Jesus! Tracking Him through the Church on their shoes and hems of clothing! I can't relate this story without getting teared up. When I first heard it I wailed and bawled for like an hour uncontrollably. Do these people really believe? How can they?


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