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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Power of The Holy Ghost

Originally the post I was going to use for today, got redirected. My thoughts seemed to have been INSPIRED by the Holy Ghost. It is just amazing how the Spirit guides us and shows us our pains, joys and sufferings, and how they relate to where we have become in our lives. Regardless of what is going on in each of our individual lives, it is all leading us HOME. If we look back on all our past experiences both good and bad, recognizing God's grace, we can see these events to be very significant. Most of us have learned and have grown by these and have continued to grow and benefit from the love and Divine Mercy of the Lord. We are always being molded and shaped and no matter how we fit in the Potter's hands we will eventually take the form of something beautiful in His eyes. We need to accept where The Holy Spirit is guiding us. Whatever we face is all for the closer unity to His heart and share in His love and kingdom. These events may be the most painful of crosses, or the most indescribable of joys. One of the greatest gifts we can receive from the Holy Ghost, is to be able to have the knowledge and understanding, that wherever the road may lead us that we should accept graciously the path on which we follow. Letting go and giving yourself totally to Him will allow you to attain all the fortitude you will need in repelling the taunts of the Satan. Let us not forget as Pentecost approaches to pray for The Holy Ghost to continue to direct us and allow for Him to use us for His greater glory


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