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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

In Just A Six Month Span....

We have been very busy this past 6 months or so

My daughter has had a very difficult pregnancy
She has been in and out of the hospital and been dehydrated. she has had to have IV's to replace fluids and medication for severe migranes due to vomitting

She has actually lost weight during her pregnancy and has been very sick
Now the vomitting is settling down but she still sick a few times a week, but trust me this is much better than what she was going through, with hours of constant illness
Food is going in very slowly now, but she is still able to eat now where we are not concerned for her or the baby's health

She has been sent to Yale (a big specialty hospital in Connecticut)and she has had several ultrasounds and all is well so far
The baby hasn't been cooperating enough to turn so the doctors can see her heart completely so this is why they keep trying with the 5 ultrasounds and now # 6 scheduled for next week
She is so very active the doctors have a hard time getting pictures of her
I think she is going to be a handful for momma, lol

My son had some surgery as well. He had a very bad infection in his mouth, due to a bad wisdom tooth. They had to actually scrape and remove part of the jaw bone. He lost 35 pounds from not being able to eat. He ended up with TMJ as well.

This Mom has been a very worried mom, but, been praying like crazy
I think I have invoked every saint imaginable lately from St Gerard, to Saint Monica, to Saint Pellegrine and of course our Blessed Mother's ears have probably had heard enough by now, lol

My dad also had surgery in this span of the past six months
I was a bit scary for a while but he is doing well

I have had two surgeries as well and I am likely to have a third one soon

I would really appreciate the prayers
I am so grateful for all the prayers so far from everyone and all the kindness
Blogger world has some pretty terrific people

Also, both of my children have moved, thank goodness in the area, and I can still see them frequently. This has been a great thing for both of my kids. They are very happy in their new homes and I am extremely happy for them.

We are getting ready for a baby shower at the end of the month
BTW, we are having a baby girl...Kaylie
I am so excited
I can hardly wait for her to get here
She is due to make her presence know on May 15th
Oh... I am sure she won't be spoiled,lol

So as you can see I kind of have an excuse for being a slacker blogger
I really have some things I would like to get out there to post and hope to do so soon

Please continue to pray for my family
We don't have any big serious issues, Thank God and to The Blessed Mother, St Gerard and all the saints we have been praying for their intercession


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God bless you!

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