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Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Letter from Hell by Claire

I am sending this letter out (link at the bottom) and hopefully as long as it is, you will read it thoroughly and hopefully obtain the good message.
A friend sent me this and I beleive it was meant to be shared for a reason. I have to say that it is an intense letter if you have never heard of it and please understand that it is sent in Love.
I send you this letter not to upset you. I know it is very disturbing, but the reality of this should be a reminder that there is truly a Hell and we need to remind ourselves of the alternatives if we turn from God.
This can help us keep on our certain path even when we find the distractions of the world getting in the way of ourselves and Our Savior.
So, if we are tempted by our own faults that we can be more aware , if we ponder on this letter in times we are tempted, and control ourselves. I believe God is merciful if we just obey His commands. This should also be a reminder for us to be constant in our prayer. We are not put on this earth for ourselves, but to honor and glorify Our King. In faithfully doing this we find true happiness here on earth with Him. No other pleasure here on this earth can compare to the pleasure He gives to us. Don't go searching for wordly pleasures to satisfy you-they won't. So when you go to turn that television on to relax and satisfy yourself, know that nothing can give you more peace than to put yourself in the presence of Our Lord God. It is only in Our Savior of the World that came down to save us from sin that we find the peace and comfort of true saving grace.
And when we have to focus on family friends and work, make sure we offer this all up in prayer to our Father. Make our actions a prayer to Him.
As for our fallen away family members, this may be a way of reminding ourselves to increase our prayer for them, because we know not when He shall return. Ask God for the graces to help us in our words and if not maybe if they see our good action may this help turn their hearts towards Him.
He wants us to focus on Him and His Love for us. Always know that we have a choice. Please make the right one. For even though this letter was only a dream it was a true "wake up" call as well.



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