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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just Blowing Off Some Much Needed Steam

Someone just recently asked me where I attended Mass. I explained that I drive down to New Haven or to New Britian to attend the Latin Mass. Both of these Churches are around 40 minutes from my home

They had commented in these words, "Oh, You are one of Those!"

Ok now, I thought to myself, we could do several different things? First, I assess the situation and the individual.
Ignorant?? Oh yes of course! What was my first clue?

The fact that I would have loved to have been sarcastic, (very bad habit I am trying to break)
and made a comment to stand equal with hers, would have put me on the same level (but boy would have that felt good).

I opted to stand quiet because as I have said, assessing the situation (the workplace) is not the place to make comments regarding our faith, because it is just not accepted. Ok I accept that, and only because I have to, and believe me not by choice.

But, there are ways of getting around that that the clever "politically correct" society in which we live.

They don't even know what is hitting them if we act accordingly. I mean, according to what Christ has taught us Traditionaly. Meekness and Humility are not the easiest virtues to act upon, but they sure make quite the impact, relatively unnoticeable to those bashers of Traditionalists or of those non Christians as well.

If you don't say anything, then they can't say "He said this" and "she said that", (you know the two year old approach to things). Oh dear there I go with my sarcasim again, sorry. I really have to work on that!

Sometimes by keeping silent you choose to love instead of hate, because the harsh words thrown out can cause irreconcilable damage. Yet you choose to love by becoming silent so as to respect and love the individual judging you. Many do not see this, but God certainly does. He would prefer your silence over a painful remark. Although you are pained and angered, you choose the best for that individual with your silence.

They think they are putting the "Trads" in there place by there sneed comments.
It is only that they are inadequate themselves that they have to strike out and become defensive.

It just goes to prove again that Tradition and Christ teachings and not those of "Man's Choice"
are the winners hands down.

This Catholic Faith is not about change and reform, it is about holding ground to the first beginnings and teachings of Jesus Christ. It is not about changing things in Holy Mother Church to satisfy the tastes of the Modern Liberal Church and making sure that other denominations can feel welcome.

It is about what we know is truth and accepting the teachings and living with the consequences if we choose not to follow. And Yes, there is a Hell, and oh Yes a Purgatory, and by all means a Limbo.

Forget your hand holding and Liturgical dance and the gutars and drums at Mass. All nonsense and all created by Man

Forget the biggest crime in the Catholic Faith receiving Jesus in your hands. And Extraordinary Ministers and Altar girls follow in suit.

Are we of Catholic faith here folks?, or are you happy trying to be a "wanna be" Protestant?
There I go again! I am truly a sinner folks!

Sorry, but these are the cold hard facts of what is going on in the Liberal Catholic Church and you did it to yourselves. Oh yes, I sound like I am contradicting myself by "keeping silent" (as I was stating above) and not allowing words of harshness to flow, but in truth, I am showing facts that are to help "wake up" the sleeping and open their eyes to the Love of Christ. This is not meant as a "dig" or a "jab" at anyone, just a "wake up" call to the truth. Unlike the comment from the individual I work with that said, "Oh, You are one of those."

You have guidleines, you were given commandments to follow and yet you choose your own faith and not that of Your "Tradition" which you are so quick to knock down.
It is no wonder we are in a "crisis"

God Bless The Holy Father who is trying his hardest to bring back the faith. As I like to say and I quote from Neil Armstrong, "That's one small step for Man and one great leap for mankind".

This is exactly what is happenening here and now. The walls are caving in on liberalism and the Holy Father is trying desperately to land on the moon, so to speak, and I hope he does soon.

Come on Motu Proprio!

We need that giant leap, but we will take a small step at first.
We do this with HOPE that someday the faithful will wake up and realize what has happened to them and will turn around and go back to the Shepherd who loves them.

And of other issues that trouble me:

People like respect don't they? Well of course that is silly! But do they show this to Our Lord? Of course not. When you dress inappropriately, and Oh Yes ladies you are in need of a veil or head covering. Gentlemen the jeans have to go!! Oh yeah the sneakers and "flip flops" too!

There are so many issues and so little time to share them all, but please make a start and go back to the roots of Your Faith. read some of the teachings of the saints. Stay away from the modern and liberal books out there, because the devil finds his way into those too.

Read up on the tradition of the faith and then allow the Holy Ghost to work through you.
And most importantly, pray to the Blessed Mother because She alone can bring you closer to Her Son

We are all in need of serious conversion.


At 11:48 PM, Blogger Seminarian Matthew said...

This Catholic Faith is not about change and reform, it is about holding ground to the first beginnings and teachings of Jesus Christ. It is not about changing things in Holy Mother Church to satisfy the tastes of the Modern Liberal Church and making sure that other denominations can feel welcome.

Amen! I am now an official Roman Catholic Seminarian. I hope to offer the Tridentine Mass. If I must offer the Novus Ordo, I will make it the most reverent possible with incense all the time and a posture facing East. Christ is King! We must follow His teachings and the Traditions of the Church!

At 5:48 PM, Blogger Ginny said...

Congratulations! I will pray that you will be allowed the opportunity to say Latin Mass. And continue to pray for your vocation as well as I have done since the beginning

At 12:53 AM, Blogger TheGnome87 said...

May God forgive me for my snide statement, but I believe true tradition would have us say the Mass and most Holy Celebration of the Eucharist barefoot and in Aramaic with a washing of feet...now that's real Tradition hun

<3 pace..may both "liberals" and "conservatives" see that they are trying to "liberate" what Christ has already liberated and see that they are trying to "conserve" what Christ will conserve.

blessings to your family.

At 11:50 PM, Blogger James said...


I go to the Latin Mass in New Britain also. Until my job starts in June, I can't afford the gas for weekly roundtrips from Enfield to New Haven.

I agree with you that it's awkward to address the stereotypes that others have of traditionalist/restorationist Catholics.

It is easy to get angry. I guess my advice to you is the motto of the late James Cardinal Hickey, "Veritatem in Caritate." All action must be ordered towards the salvation of souls? If you teach the truth in a spirit of true charity and humulity, you draw people closer to the eschatological end towards which the whole of creation is ordered.

But so as to the prudential judgement of how to handle the workplace situation you described.

To the comment, "Oh, You are one of Those!", I might have responded in a calm voice, "what do you mean by one of those?" If the question is asked calmly, it forces your interlocutor to choose between stating his prejudices, backpedaling, or dropping the subject. If he states his prejudices, it gives you a chance to correct them. If not, it forces self-recognition of prejudice. The other response is to say, "I'm not one of anything. I'm a person named Ginny who wants to be judged by her personal integrity, not stereotypes.

Because ultimately, what is going on here is that this person is attributing a series of qualities that may or may not be true on the basis of attendance at the Latin Mass. This is One of the reasons why I prefer to describe myself as a restorationist. It forces people to ask what I mean, giving me the opportunity to described how I favor the restoration of Catholic life in keeping with authentic organic tradition.

I think it unrealistic to believe that the Pauline Missal will be supressed. However, I do believe it possible that its rubrics can and will be better revised to reflect the organic liturgical tradition visible in the Classical Roman Rite. What I mean by this is Mass said ad orientem with the ordinary in Latin and the propers in the vernacular (as described by Sacrosanctum Concilium), with the Our Lord's Sacred Body proper to the only the sacredos. This is why we must keep praying for the motu proprio to come soon.

As to the issue of church attire, I would mention that this is a much worse problem here in Connecticut, than it is elsewhere. Part of the problem has to do with the fact that no one goes to daily Mass and thus does not see the dignity of solemnities and feast days, including Sunday. There are many folks who have no excuse for inappropriate attire, especially on Sundays. By the same token, I would much rather that the construction worker come to daily Mass attired for work than not at all. This, however, is not the majority of cases.

This however reflects the general degredation of society here. People dress so incredibly sloppy here in CT.

I agree with you that the Church is in very big trouble here in Connecticut. Fr. McEhleron summed it up well a couple weeks ago when he said that we have lost our sense of Catholic identity. With the loss of identity came a significant loss of cohesion and unity that made the Catholic Church a bulwark in the Nutmeg State for so many years.

I would hesitate to view tradition through the lens of legal positivism, because of its innate problems.

That said, it is very clear that we have lost any sense of tradition.

I think the situation of the particular Church in Connecticut has much to do with a few things:

(a) the incorrect interpretation of Vatican II ("spirit of the council") that has dominated scholarship for forty years. If you look at the Pope's December 2005 address to the Curia, you'll see he states that the rescue of Vatican II lies in a "hermeneutic of continuity", which interprets and understands the council documents in light of authentic organic tradition. Many of the things that folks wrongly attribute to Vatican II, happened well afterward. Although they were justified as being "in the spirit of the Council", they were not "in the spirit of the Council", only in the spirit of the age. Add to this the growth of the AmChurch beast here in America, and you have just the worst. It seems that the Pope has successfully stopped the liberals who hijacked the council in their tracks, as his interpretation enters the popular lexicon.

(b) The failure of the Church to adjust catechesis and pastoral practice to changing conditions in society that were particularly accented here in Connecticut. Three stand out most vividly:
(1) The advent of the automobile- The advent of near universal automobile ownership changed the practices and habits of Nutmeggers. One priest relates that his Irish anscestors in Waterbury would tell stories of how before there was a parish, they would rise in the early hours of the morning to walk 20 miles to New Haven to hear Mass and relay what the priest said to the elderly who could not make it. The reality that most transportation was by foot, horse, carriage, or fixed-route transit influenced the erection of parishes. Traditionally, parishes were either territorial or personal. Territorial parishes had boundaries defined by street. Personal parishes ministered to distinctive groups of persons, largely ethnic immigrants. Thus, it was possible to have two or three Catholic Churches within a few blocks. Well, the advent of the automobile completely destroyed the notion of the territorial parish, because one could be halfway across the state in an hour. This was finally recognized by the 1983 Code of Canon Law, which defined the parish primarily as a community of believers and relegated the canons defining parish boundaries to the section on the discipline of clerics.

(2) The rapid and pronounced suburbanization of Connecticut- Here in New England, the Catholic experience was predominately urban in character. We call to mind the great processions, sodalities and vibrant ethnic communities that defined Catholic culture before the 1960’s. Rapid suburbanization dispersed the ethnic communities, promoted an individualistic, insular home-focused lifestyle at cost to sodalities and other pious societies, and created an architectural environment in which processions were impossible. (A procession to the cul-de-sac of a subdivision doesn’t work in the way that processions down the boulevard of a city do.) The automobile accentuated our tendencies towards personal coldness. Within this context, the Church did a good job building many new structures to accommodate the divine worship of newly suburbanized Catholics. However, the focus was on the bricks and mortar and not the spiritual. Of course, the life of the Church can be seen as the two beams of the cross. Pointing towards God, the trunk of the cross symbolizes the divine worship we offer to God. The tree of the cross represents the community of believers, led on pilgrimage by the priest towards its eschatological end. This element of Christian community is vital to a healthy spiritual life. It is when we are isolated that evil strikes. The locus of this communal life of course is the Catholic Culture. Well, especially here in Connecticut, the Catholic Church did a very poor job at superimposing Catholic culture onto suburban life. You need look no farther than the average parish bulletin at St. Around the Corner’s. With the destruction of community comes the destruction of loyalty and commitment. Finally, the loss of devotions contributed immeasurably to the loss of community.

(c)The economic change that transformed an industrial economy into a knowledge economy- The chief building block of this knowledge economy was a highly educated populace. Thus, college education went from being the province of the elite few to a common phenomenon. The Church did not effectively adapt its catechetical practices to this changing condition. The current catechetical method has been sometimes derided as the “sacrament factory” approach to catechesis- given kids enough catechesis to prepare for the sacraments and hope that the rest comes by way of grace. So the catechetical program basically ends with preparation for Confirmation in the 8th or 9th grades. This approach worked because (i) we existed in a society that presumed the fundamental premises of Christianity and (ii) it was commensurate with the overall average level of education. The economic transformation meant that young Catholics were sent off to college with the theological sophistication of a 9th grader, lacking the tools to integrate the data and experiences of university studies. Most kids were never exposed to the systematic worldview implied by Catholicism and thus fall for the most systematic worldview they are exposed to, be it marxism, economics, or science. We would find it appalling to send someone off to college with the mathematical skills of a 9th greater. Shouldn’t the concern be even greater when the stakes are the salvation of an immortal soul especially your child’s soul?

Changes such as these— pastoral practice, catechetical methods, transformation of Catholic identity— were what were supposed to emerge in the wake of Vatican II. Because the liberals hijacked conciliar interpretation, hijacked the liturgical reform, hijacked the Church, and ignored these issues that we have suffered the trauma of the past forty years.

So we must pray for the motu proprio to be soon released.

Sorry to write so much... I prefer precision to succinctness.

May God’s blessings be with you.

Christus Crescat!


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