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Monday, January 22, 2007

An Excellent Homily

Pro Life ? Roe Vs. Wade

As usual, the priests that say the Mass at Sacred Heart in New Haven, Ct. always seem to give an excellent homily.

Today Fr.. Markey spoke about the State of Union Address to be given by President Bush on Tuesday night.

What Father Markey said really makes sense and it is so logical. But as we know "logic ", doesn't always mean that it should make sense, especially to some very intellegent minds such as our President ( no disrespect intended) but face it, not all minds think alike.

Certainly morality doesn't take precedence over other important topics.

Let me explain

Father states that more than likely the State of Union Address will go as follows:
"The topic will be Iraq and the War.
The number of Casualties, which is about 3,000 men and women since the war started.
Yes, we know that we should be very concerned for those who have fought and died for our country. But there is a more important issue that has been overlooked and needs to be brought to the attention of all U.S. citizens and that is the number of babies aborted in this country daily." But, what is more important, and will be more than likely overlooked is the fact that 4,000 lives are lost on a daily basis".

This country is surely not protecting the innocent. And as Father Markey points out it will more than likely not even be a thought in the President's mind on Tuesday night. He will most likely not even mention the Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade on Jan 22nd. What a shame!

The unborn children and human beings that are lost to us are astonishing, and that is on a daily basis not just the few years that we have been fighting another country. Wake up here people!!!

Why, "logically", does this have to be an issue. For crying out loud doesn't anyone with half a brain understand what is happening here?

This is what Fr. Markey and so many other "intelligent" minded individuals have been trying to say for years.

Pray, and let us not forget those unborn who loose their lives daily.
Do what you can and let your voice be heard.

Who knows Mr. Bush? You could have easily have been one of the innocent!


At 1:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Despite being a big Bush supporter, I was most disappointed...he also caved to feminism by congratulating Nancy Pelosi for her speakership!


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