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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Into the New Year.....


As we head into the beginning of a New Year all of us try to better ourselves in some form or another. We promise ourselves to diet and exercise, and maybe quit smoking, or whatever bad habits we may have. While this is all fine and good, the majority of us do not uphold these "resolutions" to change these practices we have developed over a long period of time. Most of us put pressure on ourselves that can cause us even more stress because we can't overcome a situation. Upholding a promise to ourself for unreasonable requests is also very damaging, and can lead us down the "wrong path". We become disgusted with ourselves and even depressed because of our failures.
The best way to try to bring about a change in ourselves for the better, is through prayer. Take your time and ask the Lord to help us see what He wants from us. Spend time in front of the Blessed Sacrament and listen to what He has to say to us. We don't know what is good for us. Only with God's direction are we able to succeed and correct our failures. This process also can not be obtained overnight, like most of would like. This takes time and patience. This may also be one of the faults we have. If it is ask fervently for help with this. If we over indulge, ask for Temperence. This is not easy because we don't like to give up certain pleasures (like over eating). Consistency in prayer and determination in receiving graces from God for those things we necessarily don't want to ask for, is very difficult. Pray for God to help us overcome the act of "not wanting" to pray for these things.
I think the key is to act slowly and ask God to do His will in us. In trusting in His mercy and kindness, only, can we achieve goals that are unattainable to us, alone


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